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Welcome to the Law Firm Culture 2.0 Podcast where YOUR questions help the legal community build progressive, productive and profitable workplace cultures that work for everyone, by leveraging the power of authentic relationships!

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Calling All Lawyers!

How do you retain employees? How do you get people to work better in teams? How do you foster excitement and innovation across your workforce every day? You build a culture of trust. High trust organizations outperform their peers relative to employee retention, engagement, and - you guessed it - profitability! On this show we will use YOUR real world examples to demonstrate how to build cultures of trust among law firm employees. You send in the questions, we do the coaching, everybody wins! 


Send your questions (and some context!) to Kamilah: 


Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

Are you scratching your head about hybrid and remote work? Well so is Tina. Let's see if we can't find a solution to folks' heebie jeebies.

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

What's a partner to do with a quiet assistant? Encourage him? Compel him? Leave him alone? Let's see if we can help Wally with this head scratcher.

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Would you hug a crying colleague? Wouldn't that be inappropriate for the workplace? What would the HR police say?! Let's help Lydia investigate whether and how she might help an upset colleague.

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

How could an apology possibly make things worse? Well, Audrey can think of a reason or two. Listen in and find out if we can help with this one!

Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

What do boundaries and bathrooms have in common? Let's help Heather get to the bottom of some boorish behavior.

Tuesday Jun 28, 2022

When it comes to whether we ought to apologize, we all know what Mom would say. But is that always the best move? Let's help our partner friend, Sho, decide what to do.

Tuesday Jun 21, 2022

In this episode we're coaching Ray, a paralegal who asks: do I choose healthy workplace culture or my reputation? What could be going on here?

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

Poor Clifford just cannot get a word in edgewise. What's an associate in training for the relationship triathlon to do?

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

In our first coaching session, we help partner Andy troubleshoot the answer to his question. Could it be that some employees just can't be pleased no matter what?

Thursday Jun 09, 2022

What's all this Law Firm Culture 2.0 hullabaloo? Take a listen and find out!

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